Crash on opening a URL when no browser installed

Users whose device didn’t have a browser installed would crash when attempting to open a URL.

We now avoid the crash, and notify about this occurrence with a listener so you can notify your user about the error if you chose to:

class MyActivity : AppCompatActivity(), ExperienceViewListener {
    // The SDK provides this listener for errors and exceptions that occur 
    // during runtime, outside of the normal lifecycle events. 
    // Implementing this listener offers a strategic approach to error handling, 
    // allowing for the presentation of user-friendly messages to users.
    override fun onExperienceError(
        experienceView: ExperienceView,
        experienceViewException: ExperienceViewException
    ) {

New features

Loading view timeout configuration

SDK can optionally display a loading view while the Experience is loading. This view is removed when either of the two happens:

  1. The Experience notifies the SDK that it has completed loading it’s UI.

  2. A loading timeout has been reached.

This version of the SDK adds a way to customise this timeout:

val config = ExperienceConfiguration(
  dismissLoadingViewTimeout: <Duration>

val experienceView = Launcher.default.getExperience(context, config)