An introduction to Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ the Real-time Engagement Platform

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ is the Real-time Engagement Platform that helps you build direct audience relationships with continuous engagement and conversion.

With complexity and time-to-market common barriers to innovation, the platform consolidates a decade of fan engagement capability, all in one award-winning SaaS platform. Featuring a range of both ready-made and customisable apps, the platform provides a breadth of gamification, voting, interactive video and live event Experiences for audiences who want to lean in.

The platform is designed for product, content and marketing teams who want to accelerate innovation and start seeing results quickly. It provides fully managed, highly scalable infrastructure alongside passionate support, enterprise-grade services and security standards.

The Interaction Cloud is the technology behind all of Monterosa's products and solutions. It is also used by selected partners and customers who develop their own applications and solutions for the sports and broadcast use cases.

Check out our range of ready-made Experiences that help you get to market fast.

Explore the second generation of our Interaction SDK.