Audience Profiles

Getting Audience Profiles into your warehouse, CDP or Marketing Platform

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud lets you continuously capture data associated with your users' activity on the platform, and to pipeline that data to your choice of destination - your CDP, CRM, Marketing Platform or data warehouse.

Experiences capture first party user data when users interact by answering questions in quizzes and polls, or enter personal data into forms. The Experiences themselves also contain data that provides context to the user interactions.

This data is made available as datasets that are securely shared to a range of widely supported destinations, or integrated directly into your data platform.

Datasets available

User data

Users dataset - User registration data, including SSO identifier

Leaderboard (Event) dataset - User rank and points within an Event leaderboard

Leagues dataset - User private leagues

Form entries dataset - Form submissions for sweepstakes or competitions

Behavioural data

Interactions dataset - Real-time user interactions with Experiences

Content data

Projects dataset - Details of the Projects used in the datasets

Events dataset - Details of the Events used in the datasets

Elements dataset - Details of the Elements (Questions) used in the datasets

Data destinations

All datasets can be shared to the following destinations via stream or regular batches:

  • AWS S3 bucket (via AWS Kinesis Data Firehose)

  • AWS Kinesis Data stream

  • Apache Kafka stream

  • Databricks Delta Sharing

  • Direct integration with Customer Data Platform

Example Video

This video illustrates a simple example which pipelines a user's voting data into Snowflake, which can then be used to create simple segments.

The rights to the processing and use of data are governed by the contract between your company and Monterosa. Monterosa usually acts as a data processor in GDPR terms, and not a data controller. User data is always processed in accordance with terms and conditions displayed on the pages/apps where it is collected and in line with terms agreed between you and Monterosa.