Features and capabilities of the Geo-Verify extension

What is the Geo-Verify extension?

Our Geo-Verify service helps you limit access to content based on a user's location or region. It comes with both a private and public API service. The private service is used by other features and extensions, such as geo-restriction of Forms. On the other hand, the public API is available for you to use and can be viewed here. With Geo-Verify, you can ensure that your content is only accessed by the intended audience and maintain control over its distribution.

How to use Geo-Verify

Once enabled, you can find the Geo-Verify extension tab within the Extensions section of Monterosa / Interaction Cloud. Here, you'll be able to customize the following settings:

Operator - Choose whether to allow or disallow access based on the user's location. Select "Allow" to restrict access to users only within selected countries. Select "Disallow" to restrict access to users within the selected countries.

Countries - Choose which countries you'd like to include in your access restrictions.

Messages - Customize the message that users will see when accessing the extension based on their location. You can also localize the message by language.