Finding a fit

Work out if the Interaction Cloud is a fit for your needs

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud is used to build continuous engagement with large audiences.

Games, voting, interactive video and other use cases. The platform provides a breadth of capability, scalability with fast time to launch. It is backed by a robust enterprise-ready support service.

Among the most significant benefits is a unified data model, meaning that collecting and piping data into your existing systems (CRM, CDP, Warehouse), is fast and typically straightforward. Other advantages include localisation, secure voting, and validated point scoring.

User-facing engagement currently takes place within either:

  • Web Apps - JavaScript / React apps embedded into your site or app

  • Native apps - iOS, Android available on stores

Is the platform right for you?

There are a series of reasons why you might choose a fan engagement platform, and why that choice would be the Interaction Cloud.



Reliability & Scale

  • You need to launch a live digital experience for a large audience

  • You want to save management and maintenance costs associated with self-created software

  • You want reliability and redundancy

First-party Data

  • You want to collect first-party personal data and behavioural, preference data and don't want a complex integration hurdles

Dynamic Updates

  • You want to control and dynamically configure your app without new releases

  • You want your app to be live and fast

  • You want to synchronise interactivity with TV, video or outdoor screens


  • You want a self-service console that your team can use after you've created the experience / app

Real-time Control & Management

  • You want a live content control tool

  • You want a rapid data processing and results from mass-audience voting or gaming


  • You want to automate content with APIs

  • You want to integrate into an existing stack including your SSO, CRM, CDP


  • You want to run secure, audit-able votes or polls for sensitive information

  • You want secure data storage for first-party data capture

  • You want a company with ISO 270001 accreditation

Localised & Variant Apps

  • You need to build in localisation for multiple territories

  • You need location-based versions for different venues, partners or events

Support & Maintenance

  • You need support from a world-class company and a dedicated team

  • You want to ensure product capabilities evolve

  • You want the reassurance of SLAs