When to choose Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™

When to select the platform approach over alternative approaches

The Interaction Cloud can be used to build, deploy and manage real-time, two way audience experiences including:

  • Native apps - iOS, Android

  • Webapps - HTML5/JavaScript apps

  • Chatbots - for example Facebook Messenger

  • Smart TV - for example Amazon Fire

  • Other - any other platform powered by a browser or Android device

The platform provides a set of key benefits. Consider the requirements below before choosing Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™.

When should I choose to use an Interaction cloud-powered solution over a self-built or managed one?



App Capability

  • I want to control and dynamically configure my app without new releases

  • I want my app to be live and fast

  • I want to synchronise interactivity with TV, video or outdoor screens


  • I want a self-service console that my staff can use after I've created the experience / app

Real-time Control & Management

  • I want a live content control tool

  • I want a rapid data processing and results from mass-audience voting or gaming

Reliability & Scale

  • I need to launch a live digital experience for a large number of people

  • I don't want to manage the server infrastructure

  • I want reliability and redundancy


  • I want to run secure, audit-able votes or polls for sensitive information

  • I want secure data storage for competitions or personal data capture

Multi-variant & Localised Apps

  • I need to build in localisation for multiple territories

  • I need location-based versions for venues or events

Support & Maintenance

  • I need support from a world-class company and a dedicated team

  • I want to ensure my product capabilities evolve

  • I want the reassurance of SLAs