Consent Management integration

Integrating Monterosa Experiences with your Consent Management Platform

Your users have the right to decide whether they consent to the use of cookies on your website and in your apps, and most companies use a Consent Management Platform such as OneTrust or TrustArc to provide this service.

When you use Monterosa Experiences on your site or within your apps, there are some considerations with regard to consent management:

  • Is the Monterosa Experience served as a standalone page - and should it therefore display the consent banner to users who have not yet given consent?

  • Is the Monterosa Experience embedded into a parent page on your site or app - and should it therefore respect users' consent choices that have been set in the parent page?

  • What user choices within the consent management popup should impact the Monterosa Experiences?

  • Do you need to update your data/cookie policy to reflect the use of the Monterosa Experiences?

Depending on the consent management platform used and your answers to these questions, we may need to implement the following steps as part of this integration:

Adding your CMP banner to a standalone page

Your consent management banner is likely embedded into all of your pages using a code snippet provided by the CMP service. This may be embedded into your pages directly or "wrapped" using a "Tag Manager" such as Google Tag Manager or Adobe Launch.

Normally either the code snippet or the tags can be provided by your technical team to Monterosa, which will then be added to the standalone page code to enable the banner.

If your users have the option to select whether or not they consent to the use of analytics cookies (or analytics tracking in general), this choice must be respected by all your pages, including the Monterosa Experiences.

Monterosa Experiences implement analytics tracking as standard using Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, but these can be disabled if a user has declined to allow them.

If you use a tag manager, it is likely that your tags will "wrap" the analytics tracking calls on your site, so that these calls are only made for users where consent has been given. In this case, you will just need to provide us with the relevant tags so that we can do the same with the analytics calls within the Experiences.

If no tag manager is in place, the Monterosa Experiences may need to make calls to the consent management platform directly to understand the user choices. In this case the Monterosa team will review the technical documentation provided by the CMP provider and implement a solution.

Monterosa Experiences do not generally use cookies, but they do store user responses in the browser local storage or device storage for native apps. These are normally considered to be in the same category as cookies by data protection laws.

Monterosa can provide a list of "Cookies" that are considered to be necessary for the Experiences to function normally, so that these can be added to cookie policy information on your website for users to review. The only cookies that are considered optional within Monterosa experiences are those related to analytics.