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Team Selector

Ask fans to pick their preferred starting lineup
Football Fans love to put themselves in the managers shoes and with the Team Selector they can do just that. They pick the formation and wrestle with the selection dilemmas, thinking about the players form and who best to play with who.
Once they have picked the team for the big game using the Team Selector they can share it with their friends.
Team Selector is currently designed specifically for football team selection.

Example Ideas

  • Select the team for todays game
  • Pick the team of the [season, decade, century, tournament]
  • Pick your England dream team for the World Cup

Live Demo

🔗 Try this demo now.

Flow Preview


Formation Options
choose a formation from a standard set - ie 443, 442, 451 etc
Formation List
Add, remove or reorder the formation list
Player Categorisation
Players separated by position: Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward

Value Creation

Includes the option to include a sponsor logo 126x66px and a click through URL
Sharing Screen
Share team selection with a link to play


Data Type
Analytics data
Total votes per player
Percentage vote per player
Audience Profiles Data
User selected a team
Reference ids of players selected