Podium Predictor

Ask the audience to predict the race Podium for a chance to win a prize
The Podium Predictor is a super-fan engagement tool for race sports, where the audience can predict the top finishers in the race in the correct order. It's perfect for engaging the knowledgeable fan who has their ear to the ground for form and localised race conditions within a race series.
The Podium Predictor allows a user to select their predictions for 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in an event, from a graphical interface that allows competitor headshots or race colours. A competition form is connected by default so you can generate first party data, track user's favourite competitors and award prizes.
Use Podium Predictor for any race sport.

Example Ideas

  • Predict the podium for the next race?
  • Can you guess the Top 3 finishers in the 100m final ?
  • Who will be the first three picks in this years draft?

Live Demo

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Flow Preview


Predict positions
Create a virtual podium for users to select 1st, 2nd and 3rd places
Number of competitors
Build an unlimited list of competitors in a scrollable carousel - recommended max competitors 25
Competitor image
Display a 1:1 image for each competitor, along with a text label
Competition form
Capture email address and the user's choices
Prediction statistics
See how many other people made the same predictions as you

Value Creation

Includes the option to include a sponsor logo 126x66 px and a click through URL
Competitions and Sweepstakes
Collect and securely store competition data


Data Type
Podiums predicted
Percentage of racers selected on Podium
Audience Profiles
Podium selected
ID reference to racers selected for podium and position
Total votes per position, Total votes per competitor, Percentage of users that predicted the same competitor in the same position.


Is it possible to support more than 3 positions on the Podium?
Yes - is it possible to add additional positions to select as an option, up to 5. Note when this option is used the podium splits onto multiple rows on mobile devices.