SDK Supported OS and devices

Monterosa / Interaction SDK aims to support a wide range of devices and operating systems. This page details what you can expect to be supported.


JavaScript SDK is written in TypeScript and supplied in a form of privately-hosted NPM packages. You can choose your favourite language between Typescript and Javascript when consuming it. This allows our SDK to integrate in most modern browsers, while supporting older ones!

We transpile our source code into ES5 CommonJS and ES2017 JavaScript modules, so they will be included automatically depending on which environment you work.


iOS SDK is written in the latest Swift version and provides support for iOS 11+, this allows us to support applications that aim to run on devices as old as the iPhone 5S, and, thanks to iOS's aggressive version rollouts, provide support to 99%+ of the iOS user base.


The Android SDK supports Android 6+ (API 23 onwards), this lets us support about 95% of the Android user base.

React Native

The SDK supports React Native by offering a Typescript library that wraps the native libraries, and allows access to the Embed functionality. Read Embed with React Native SDK for more information.