Monterosa Identifiers

A guide to the Identifiers used within Monterosa Audience Profile datasets

Identifiers for Projects, Events, Elements

Within Monterosa / Interaction Cloud, content is organised into a hierarchy as follows:

  • Individual questions, polls and votes are “Elements” with an element_id

  • Groups of questions together in the same game or Experience are “Events” with an event_id

  • A set of Events together are part of a “Project” that represents an environment such as Production or Staging, with a project_id

  • Projects are grouped together into distinct functions called “Brands” with a brand_id

  • Brands belong to a customer organisation with an organisation_id

User identifiers

In addition to this content hierarchy, all users within Monterosa / Interaction cloud are assigned a unique user_id, whether or not they are registered with an external SSO service. Users with a registered SSO ID store this as external_id linked to their user_id.

  • user_id is an identifier assigned to users who are signed into Monterosa Identify (and therefore signed into a customer SSO). This identifier is not set for all users, but when it is set, the user ID can be cross-referenced in the Users table to find the external_id

  • user_sid is an identifier assigned to all users when they first connect on a browser or device. It persists across multiple users sessions stored locally on the device. This identifier does not change when the user signs in.

All Monterosa identifiers are stored in UUID format.