Experiences are ready-made applications, available to customers to create and deploy quickly.
An Experience is effectively a configuration of an underlying Application, available in the Experience tab to be selected and set up by a user of the platform quickly.
This feature currently supports only web apps and is not available for native apps.
Example of Experiences under Experience tab
Platform users can create their own Experience from an Experience "template" in 3 simple steps:
  1. 1.
    Pick from Experiences tab
2. Add basic naming settings
3. Choose your Experience URL
The Experience URL is used to preview and embed the Experience. It can be either auto-generated or custom one. Custom URLs are enabled on Organisation level by Monterosa upon request. They are extremely useful when Creators share the Experience among team members. For example, when a Category Vote Experience is shared, the recipients can easily connect the domain URL with the Experience name.
And your Project is ready!
Selecting "Embed" will reveal the Experience URL which can be copied and shared.
The provisioning process in the background is effectively cloning a ‘model’ project with all of its settings and giving the user a fresh project based on all of those settings. They can also contain demo content which helps creators get the best out of the platform.
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