Listings is the term used to describe the internal Schedule. It contains a list of Events associated with a Project.

This is the primary mechanism of how a client app finds out which events it has access to. If an event is not in the listings then in general case the client app does not know about such an event's existence.

All events which are "current" or "on demand" are included in listings. "past" and "future" events are included according to their start time and listings settings specified within Project Settings in Studio.

If there is more than one "past" of "future" event starting at exactly the same time then the specified limits are still enforced. This might mean that not all such events are included in the listings. For example, let's suppose we have:

  • 2 past events, started at the same time: past1, past2, where past1 was created before past2

  • 1 current event: current1

  • 2 future events, starting at the same time: future1, future2, where future1 was created before future2.

  • Suppose also that our listings settings are set to 1 past event and 1 future event.

In this case the listings will include past2, current1, future1 events.