v24 releases 2022-2023

Deployment date and version


April 2023


  • In-Studio view of web experiences

  • QR code generation per Event with ability for QR code download

  • New Embed modal surfacing all embed options including the SDK

  • OpenAI integration for content generation of Polls and Quizzes

  • New sticky header in Timeline

  • Removal of start and end times in Timeline for non-started manual Events

  • Elements list in Timeline - clicking on the Element row opens the Element edit modal

  • “Expressions” refactoring to be able to cater for 1000+ fields in Experience Setup

  • New email reminder to join the platform if a user has not logged in 48h after their invite was sent

  • Guided flow with tooltips for Experiences created via the Experiences tab

Feb 9 2023


  • Improved performance of Timeline page - optimisation of both backend and frontend code for displaying Elements list and handling frequent page updates

Control API improvements:

  • Ability to delete Elements via Control API

  • Return element errors flag in Control API response

  • Add context data to error logs where possible

  • Allow to fetch only required element fields with Control API

  • Log health JSON response for visualisations

Nov 14 2022 (v24.8.1)

Patch release with optimised Timeline page performance (memory leak fix)

November 7 2022


  • Elements table redesign (under Timeline)

  • Refresh Studio UI after changes made via Control API

Activity Log - capturing changes made to:

  • App Setup via import

  • Event changes

  • Element changes

August 25 2022


  • Pen test release covering vulnerabilities found by pen testers

  • An updated version of Experience (App Setup) page is enabled for organisations and users by default.

July 7 2022


  • New Project side navigation where items are organised in a structured and meaningful way to help users navigate between items more easily.

  • Live Activity Chart - Display current and peak concurrency data for Events with any duration

  • Easier Event creation by introducing Event end mode

  • Control API optimisations: Speed up of requests response time and improved logs

  • Webhook events for Org, Brand, Project and Event data changes. Desired impact is reduced complexities for API team to integrate Services with Studio using webhooks

March 3 2022


  • Expressions (previously known as “conditional fields”) and Data Sources in App Setup - to simplify the setup process, avoid unused fields and settings in Studio interface and to create logical and simplified configuration of Experiences

  • Complete and functional new App Setup covering full functionality of old App Setup - faster to load and save

  • New email invitations and member emails

September 27 2021 (v24.4)

  • Custom Monterosa domain provisioning - as update of workflow to enable pre-configuration in Experience “wizard” and included in each Project’s Settings. Aim is to simplify the process of configuring an experience for deployment and improved step-by-step “wizard” UI.

  • Promotion of Experiences in main Brands space

  • Categorisation of Experiences - to visually distinguish between the different Experience categories and prepare the space for Experiences

  • Improved performance and UX of App Setup import/export - to minimise issues of users overwriting each other’s changes during a Setup import

  • New App Setup to improve platform performance and increase ease of use. It will be launched alongside previous App Setup giving users the ability to switch between the two allowing for smoother roll out.

June 22 2021 (v24.3)

  • Activity Log - it would not only to enable us to troubleshoot issues more easily, but to inform us on how Studio is being used

  • UI improvements to Element icons

  • Embedding of How-to videos per experience

April 6 2021 (v24.2)

  • Making Service settings deployable via Experiences provisioning tool in order to provide an end-to-end Experiences deployment with minimal set up time

  • First steps towards project archival which will prepare the platform for the incoming load of customers and projects and will contribute to its stability

January 25 2021 (v24.1)

  • Experiences provisioning tool (v0.5) which aims to enable our customers and teams to create interactivity in their own time within few clicks without having to go through otherwise complicated set up process.

October 1 2020 (v24.0)

  • A new Dashboard - a dedicated space that helps our customers manage all their Brands and IP in one place

  • Self-Service user management with access control - allows our customers to add their teams and to get them to collaborate right away