Native App Embed

Where a native app is the destination, an Experience can be opened in a WebView that is initiated by the host app

If you want to integrate Experiences into your native iOS (Swift) or Android (Kotlin) application, there are two routes available. You can either create your own WebView or Interaction SDK v2 to create and manage dynamic loading on your behalf. To discover the availability of an Experience or Event within the platform, please see Discovering Events Programmatically.

SDK Embed

Monterosa / Interaction SDK v2 is currently in beta. Please contact sales if you're interested in access.

Monterosa / Interaction SDK manages dynamic WebViews on your behalf, making integration easier and more predictable. You are also getting responsive behaviour and various performance improvements out-of-the-box. Please refer to the SDK embed guide for details.


If you'd prefer to create and manage the WebView's yourself, you can do so by following the next steps:

  1. Grab your embed URL from the Studio

  2. Integrate with your SSO, or other services

Enabling javascript and data storage in your WebView

Monterosa Experiences require browser DOM storage and JavaScript enabled to function correctly, so you need to ensure both are enabled in your WebView configuration:

For Android

For iOS