Event Centre

Supercharge your live events with interactive video, gamification and commerce
Event Centre is a new way to bring audiences together for an immersive pre and in-game interactive experience.
Designed to be either an alternative to TV, or a way to enhance the live audio/video stream, the application offers you commentary, game stats, and interactive elements including polls, predictions, trivia challenges, team selectors and sweepstakes/competitions.
By providing the audience with so much interactivity, your engagement, retention and conversion rates will all increase.
  • Enhance the big day on first and second screen
  • Optional audio and video streaming
  • Login gates and competition entry can drive sign-up and first party data

Live Demo

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Content Features

Score Bar
A score bar which can remain 'sticky' on the screen
Add a commentary to your timeline with optional image and timestamp
Add an image into your timeline
Game Events - Goal, Substitution, Card
Larger more colourful notifications customisable for each team
Social Embeds - Twitter, Instagram
Embed a social post directly into your timeline
Opta Widgets Support
Automate stats, standings and gamification
Video Stream
Add video via streaming URL links
Audio Stream
Add an audio stream e.g. a radio station
On-Demand Video Clips
Add embedded video clips
Image Carousel
Collect images into a gallery and display
Video Carousel
Combine multiple videos into one carousel.
Share Button
Share a page link instantly to social media

Interactive Features

Vote on a question and see what other people have gone for
Swing Poll
Fun poll that shows a gauge of how audiences are responding to a question
Sorting Quiz
Sort the answers to a a question under time pressure
Meme Maker
Allow users to create and share an image with text
Smash Rater
Respond to a question by tapping on the answer you want, repeatedly if you wish
Reaction Rater
Rate and submit an opinion on a topic
Word Puzzle
Guess the word from the jumbled letters
Competitions & Sweepstakes
Create competitions and capture user data
Point Scoring
Display the user's point score for interactions at any time during an event
Allow users to enter a nickname and see their score for the current event on a leaderboard
Quick Fire Quiz
Answer a series of questions and receive a sharable score
Player Rater
Start the conversation and create insights by asking fans to rate players
Podium Predictor
Ask the audience to predict the race Podium for a chance to win a prize
Pick a Number
Guess a number related to the big event and get a chance to win
Score Predictor
Predict the game score as part of the build up before it starts
Team Selector
Ask fans to pick their preferred starting lineup
Give your fans a chance to strike it lucky
Multi Predictor
Answer a set of predictions about a game to test your knowledge
Simple Trivia
A single multi-choice question to add to your content


Data Type
Unique users, Active users, Engaged sessions, Feature use users and users who submit, technology, browser, location.
Audience Profiles
User visits event centre
Data from interactive features


Does it support my video stream?
Event Centre supports any stream from a video player that has an embed capability
How can it be integrated with my SSO/Identity provider?
Adding an SSO / Identity provider is a common requirement. Event Centre and our other Experiences support Monterosa Identify — our identity management system that can act as an independent identity provider (i.e. can register and manage user accounts) but is more frequently used as an integration interface between your existing identity provider and Monterosa / Interaction Cloud, allowing your existing customers to seamlessly use Monterosa platform and driving your registrations.