Fan API (Preview)

Public API for backend and client access to Fan Data within Monterosa / Interaction Cloud

Fan API is the interface to fan data in the Monterosa platform. It acts as a layer above internal services that provide profiles, gamification and rewards amongst other functions. An authenticated backend can make a call on behalf of any user permitted within scope. For example within a rewards context you may need a video platform triggering a video view, or an ecommerce platform to log a physical purchase that increments a Rewards metric.

A public client making a direct request can only make a call to its own user ID, for example requesting its user profile data to render in an app. It is intended that the Monterosa SDK will adopt support for this method for additional convenience and abstraction.

This is an early stage API that is being developed rapidly to encompass more services over time, enabling a single touchpoint. For example, the full internal Audience Profile and other audience data.

This API is for preview and cannot yet be used in production.