Available APIs & Libraries

A range of APIs and libraries are available for both front-end and backend communications.

Front-end Libraries

The platform provides libraries which enable developers to create applications that are connected to, and controlled by Studio:

Backend APIs

Other APIs and libs available to developers are:

  • Control API: This is the most powerful backend API available. It provides a way to dynamically control event, element and all content creation within the platform, and the way to extract data. The Control API is used to connect M/IC to external content management systems, TV graphics and other systems.

  • Leaderboards JavaScript lib: a convenient method of accessing the M/IC leaderboards service

  • Leaderboards REST API: this allows HTTP calls to read and write Leaderboards data without using the lib.

  • Curate JavaScript API: a simple way to retrieve curated social data from M/IC Curation.

  • Public Feeds: these are JSON feeds provided as an alternative way for a client app to access published content and listings by client applications. They are hosted on a CDN and have high-volume capacity. They are used to avoid making more resource-hungry socket connections to the platform.