EnMasse Mesh

The distributed engine-room, EnMasse Mesh
Under the hood, the Interaction Cloud uses a proprietary, replicable mesh architecture created by Monterosa and running on Amazon Web Services. It provides unparalleled scale and failure tolerance:
  • Instant publishing
  • Minimal latency
  • No caching of live content
  • CDN serves only assets
  • Rapid fail-over if AWS instance dies

Key Facts

  • EnMasse Mesh is created in low-level C++ and is a highly efficient distributed connection transport system
  • It runs on hundreds of AWS boxes at a time
  • Actual processing of votes takes place at the edge in order to provide maximum scale
  • If one box dies, a client device can reconnect and maintain its state, often without user interruption
  • Client applications connect first over persistent websockets and secure websockets. Fail-over to long polling via HTTP/S when required, although this is slower.