Player Rater

Start the conversation and create insights by asking fans to rate players
Fans love to express their opinions. With Player Rater you can capture sentiment and tap into the wisdom of the crowd. Adding Player Rater will increase engagement and generate amazing insights for your content team, starting a compelling ongoing conversation with fans and a sense of community.
With the Player Rater you can build user-generated player ratings for one or more teams. It enables you to capture live ratings from 1-10 during the game and/or afterwards. There is an optional live average for each player that updates in real-time. There is also an automatically generated fan-picked 'Player of the Match' with the top rated player updated live.
Use Player Rater for any team sport.

Example Ideas

  • Rate players live during a game
  • Create a Fan-picked 'Player of the Game' immediately after the game has finished
  • Rate players of the season or tournament

Live Demo

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Flow Preview


Rate players
From a configurable rating score; recommended range 1-10, or 1-5
Multiple team support
Rate one team, both teams or a list of players. Recommended max 40 players total (or 20 per team)
Player of the game
Automatically display the highest rating from users, creating a user-generated player of the match
Live average rating
See who is coming top in real time as events happen, or remove average rating to only see the highest rated player
Add Players
Add players in real time, to allow rating of substitutes. Supports a different number of players per team
Customisable header
Add an image or video


Ratings submitted
Average rating
Audience Profiles
Players rated and ratings, Timestamp

Value Creation

Includes the option to include a sponsor logo 126x66 px and a click through URL