Live Data Connector

Extract a breakdown of votes from your Event into a Google Sheet in seconds

Cloud Graphics systems like Tagboard can ingest data coming from a Google Sheet. For those that can't, you can still use the Google Sheet as an intermediary and use Google Apps scripts to interface with another endpoint.

Using the Control API it is very easy to extract data from your Events and export into a Google Sheet.

We have created a Google Sheet template to simplify and speed up your data extraction.


How to use the Live Data Connector Sheet?

  • Create your own copy of the Google Sheet from the template via the link above and then click the "Use Template" button in the top right corner of your screen.

  • Edit the Settings tab with the following information:

    • Project ID that you can find in Studio when you navigate to the project to which you want to extract the data from. Go into Settings > API tab and copy / paste the Project ID.

    • Using the dropdown list, select the Experience that you want to parse and extract data from.

    • Paste your API Token into the Google Sheet. You can find your API Token into your profile page in Studio. From the menu in the top right corner in Studio, open your Profile Info page and navigate to the API Credentials tab. You can generate your own token from this tab.

    • Now that all the Settings are configured, it is time to extract data from your project.

    • Now you just need to open the "UPDATE" menu item in Google Sheet and click on the "Update Manually" entry.

    • The data will be extracted in seconds and appears in the tab corresponding to your Experience.