TV Graphics

Connecting the Interaction Cloud to TV graphics
Getting data into TV or venue production is an effective and fun way to engage the audience. Example use cases:
  • Audience opinions
  • Leaderboards
  • Trivia questions and options
Common graphics systems (GFX) in use include products from:
  • VizRT
  • Chyron
  • Grass Valley
  • Ross Expression
  • Singular Live

Accessing data

The Interaction Cloud can provide data to Graphics via three methods:
  • Control API: the platform’s Control API is a secure REST API used to query the latest data associated with an Event, or a specific Element. For example a poll.
  • Feeds: the information associated with an Event is also available
  • Custom Feeds: as a paid service, the Monterosa Solutions team are happy to create custom feeds that provide JSON or XML data in a structure and format to suit you.
In all cases, your Customer Success Manager will be happy to advise on the best approach.

Leaderboards can also be polled to list standings: