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TV & Streaming Graphics

Driving Continuous Engagement through on screen graphics integrations, powered by Monterosa / Interaction Cloud
Integrating fan engagement Experiences into on screen graphics can be a fantastic way to increase participation and engagement levels from your audience.

Use cases

Connecting the Interaction Cloud has many use cases, some examples could include:
  • On screen QR code to encourage app download or participation
  • Feeding results from an audience predictor or poll back into broadcast

TV & Streaming Graphics Systems

Common hardware graphics systems including:
  • VizRT
  • Chyron
  • Grass Valley
  • Ross Expression
Cloud Graphics:

Accessing data

The Interaction Cloud can provide data to Graphics via three methods:
  • Control API: the platform’s Control API is a secure REST API used to query the latest data associated with an Event, or a specific Element. For example a poll.
  • A simplified Graphics Feed: access and manage Element data efficiently
  • Feeds: the information associated with an Event is also available
  • Custom Feeds: as a service, the Monterosa Solutions team are happy to create custom feeds that provide JSON or XML data in a structure and format to suit you.
In all cases, your Account Manager will be happy to advise on the best approach.

Use case examples

Formula E

Using on screen QR code to encourage app download & participation
1 - Generate & automate in Studio
2 - QR code for audience to vote on the app
3 - Results fed back into TV graphics


Fan interaction for both Broadcast & OTT Apps
1 - QR codes activate TV audience
2 - Graphical overlays triggered within app
3 - Results fed onto screen within app