Features and Capabilities of the Gamify Extension

What is the Gamify Extension?

Gamify is a powerful Extension that lets you add gamification to your websites and apps in a safe and scalable way. With this tool, you'll be able to give your users a more immersive and exciting experience, all while collecting valuable personal data through sign-ups and registrations.

Our Gamify Extension also helps you understand your users better by recording their behaviour and building more engaged communities through shared experiences. When used alongside the Identify Extension, we have what is required to create user profiles, handle login/authentication, and store data associated with specific users over time.

API Reference The Gamify Private API is currently available to internal developers. Contact us to discuss your in-house teams developing against it.

A Public API is available for retrieving Leaderboards.

Scalability Regularly tested at 500k concurrent users and can scale up beyond this if required.

Core Gamify Capabilities

An overview of core capabilities that help create an engaging and secure gaming experience for your fans.

SecureScore backend scoring mechanic

Our backend scoring system ensures that all scores and points are controlled securely, without trusting the front end app. This eliminates the risk of hacking and provides peace of mind for you and your users.

Points for actions

Our interactive elements are designed to reward users for their engagement and attendance with interaction points. These points can be used to unlock various bonuses, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Trivia challenge point-scoring

Our timed trivia question competitions allow users to compete against each other, earn points, and form leaderboards. This creates a fun and competitive environment that encourages continued engagement.


We offer a variety of leaderboard options to cater to different needs. Our leaderboards can be ranked in ascending or relative order, and tie-breakers are resolved using random number draws. They operate as per-round, per-event, and all-time Leaderboards.

Private Leagues

Create private leagues and compete against each other within the private league. This feature adds a layer of exclusivity and encourages friendly competition.


Gamify offers power-ups to enhance gameplay and user autonomy. Users can receive impactful bonuses, adding to the overall excitement of the game.

ContentPass unlockable Elements

The ContentPass feature allows you to offer exclusive content or areas on your site only to users who are signed in, have a special customer-controlled access code, or meet a predefined access tier. Visibly this manifests in FanKit as locked Elements including competition entries. It can also be used to create access tiers or VIP code access.

Access Thresholds

Our automatic threshold system allows users to access competition forms, exclusive content, or VIP areas once they reach a marked threshold in a secure and auditable manner.

Streaks and attendance loyalty points

Gamify offers bonus points for users who regularly return to the app within various time periods or for interacting consecutively, gaining a streak. This feature incentives users to continue engaging with your app.

User Management

Gamify's user management tools allow you to search for, edit or delete users in real-time. We also provide a username profanity filter to ensure that usernames meet your standards.


Our service can handle, and is tested at, a load of 500K concurrent users and can quickly scale up beyond this if required.

Identify & SSO integration

The Identify service captures user registration, sign-in, and point scoring activity, creating a unified and seamless experience for your fans. This includes the ability to connect to existing SSO providers.

Data warehouse integration

Our Gamify activity can be securely integrated into your existing data warehouses via our data pipeline management system. Gamify data is fed into the Monterosa lakehouse and can be used within almost any data solution with a pipeline connector.

We hope these features help you create an engaging and secure gaming experience for your users. Thank you for choosing Gamify!

Supported FanKit Elements

FanKit is the Monterosa web-based framework that underpins many of the features and Experiences available on the Interaction Cloud. It's designed to work seamlessly with browsers and WebViews, providing you with a smooth and enjoyable user experience. We're always working to improve and expand upon the list of supported FanKit elements within Gamify, which can include custom-built elements to fit your unique needs. Currently, the supported list includes a wide range of powerful tools and features, including:

Element type



Add points for user interaction with a poll.


Add points for a user correctly answering a trivia element.


Add points for a user correctly predicting a result with this element.

Pick a Number

Add points for user interaction with the estimation element on a sliding scale.

Word Puzzle

Add points for user correctly completing a word puzzle challenge.

Event User Score

Display User Points Score for the Event.

Round User Score

Display User Points Score for a round within an Event.

Project Leaderboard

Display the overall User Points Score covering all Events on that Project.

Event Leaderboard

Display the Gamify Event Leaderboard of all user point scores.

Round Leaderboard

Display the Gamify Round Leaderboard of all user point scores.

Group Leaderboard

Display a summed group of selected Event Leaderboards of all user point scores

Score Predictor

Sports predictor with scores for both teams

Score Predictor with Multiplier

Sports predictor with scores for both teams with additional functionality to provide score multiplying effects.

Team Selector

Team selector with choice of players for each position

Data Capture

Form collecting user data for competitions etc

Features in Early Access

We're excited to share some new features that we're currently working on for Gamify! Here's a sneak peek at what's in development including:

  • Standardised Badges, Rewards & Achievements (currently these are setup individually)

  • Clans: an extension of private leaderboards to treat them like a team

  • Unlockables: a development of existing Element unlock functionality to provide digital asset unlocks

  • User Profiles interface: an interface to allow you to add points, levels and achievements to your existing user profile page or screen.