Prediction Games

Create Free to play predictive games using the platform

Predictive games are a proven way to attract and retain attention. They encourage sign-up and acquisition, providing value exchange for users.

The platform is designed for the rapid creation and management of simple competitive predictive games. For example, you might ask fans of a sport to predict the score, then offer them the chance to enter a competition where winners are picked from those who get it right.

Example 1: Six Nations Try Timer

An example of a very simple predictive game format where the user picks the timing of the first try of the Rugby game. A competition entry powered by Forms is offered after the prediction for a low friction sign-up and opt-in to marketing.

Example 2: Opta Million Challenge

To play The Opta Million, fans predicted the results of all 64 matches in the 2022 FIFA World Cup with $1m up for grabs for someone who got them all correct.

The Opta Million is a great example of how the platform can be used to power predictive gaming for tournaments. With sign-in integration with Okta Auth0, each user's picks are accurately recorded, validated, and used to calculate the winners of the tournament. This ensures that the results are fair and accurate.