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Project handshake

Handshake request from the Interaction Cloud to an Extension on new Project creation or existing Project update.
Project handshake
This endpoint is called when project and Extension association has changed, which could happen when:
  • New Project is created
  • New Extension is added to existing Project
  • An Extension configuration in the app spec is updated
  • An Extension is manually reloaded for the Project in Studio
It's up to the Extension to decide if it needs to create a new Project within the Extension database or update existing Project based on provided Project UUID. In case of an update all body parameters may have changed values.
If api_key has been changed, the previous key has been revoked and is made invalid.


curl --request POST \
--url https://example-extension.mic.io/lvis/c068dd33-46c3-4789-a619-b14e4bcbe990/projects \
--header 'Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json' \
--data '{
"source_project_id": "55d52333-c801-4408-8d34-764de67d10d1",
"experience_id": "our-awesome-experience",
"project_id": "da34516f-00af-435e-bd03-ab1720755dda",
"project_name": "Project X",
"config": {},
"api_key": "td18FzQxQ8ZgCAc9oHpQis8WJqkEn5B9"