Services which augment the platform with specific capabilities
Monterosa managed backend services are plug-ins to the Interaction Cloud environment and provided as part of a specific solution.
To the content creator, most Services appear as tabs in the right-hand nav area of the Studio. Some, like Certification (also named Vote Results as in the screenshot below) are enabled within App Setup and simply appear as required. Others need to be setup by the App Developer or Monterosa Support.

Services Available

  • Certification (Vote Results)- the secure voting audit tool
  • Data Capture - form-based data capture and encrypted storage for sweepstakes and competitions
  • Leaderboards - the point scoring and gamification leaderboard system
  • Content Tracker - a way to count reactions within apps
  • Content Bridge - the service that connects your CMS to the platform to avoid duplication of content
  • Notifications - a push notification service for native apps
  • Curation - curation of Twitter content that can be pushed out to include within apps
  • Deep Links - a service to power deep links into native apps
Please contact your relationship manager for more information, or to discuss integrating any custom services.
Last modified 10mo ago
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