Migration Guide

This guide covers migration steps from the Interaction Cloud v23 to v24.

Control API

New entities - "Organisation" and "Brand"

Get familiar with new organisations and brands operations in Control API.

"Account" entity removal

Accounts do not exist in Studio anymore, and there are some Control API breaking changes related to it. In some degree, accounts were superseded by brands.

All account-related operations like Get account, Create account, Delete account have been deleted.

Projects belong to the brand now instead of account. It means that Get projects endpoint now looks like /api/v2/brands/:brand_id/projects.

Apps also belong to the brand now. Get apps endpoint have been changed to /v2/brands/:brand_id/apps. Create app requires data/relationships/brand reference to be set, and not data/relationships/account.

Instant elements duration

Elements with duration mode instant now have nil as a duration in Control API responses instead of 0. nil is also a valid value to provide during element creation.

Services API

Authentication API role renamed

Authentication endpoint for the project access that can be used by the service to check the role of the user in the project now has "role": "creator" instead of "role": "producer" in response due to general role renaming from "Producer" to "Creator".

Property feed_endpoint removal from instance handshake body

Instance handshake request body parameter feed_endpoint was removed. It had exactly the same value as auth_endpoint , so it can be easily replaced to auth_endpoint parameter.

Service tab icon

Service tab icons must be updated to use Font Awesome 5.14 Pro icons. New format and details described here.

Apps & Client SDK

Element icon

Element icons must be updated to use Font Awesome 5.14 Pro icons. New format and details are described here.

Guidelines for element icons and colours are outlined here. For new elements and their corresponding icon and colour, please contact our design team.

App domain

Any references to apps.lvis.io and apps.lvis.tv in the app spec files (mostly in a spec.json) should be replaced to apps.monterosa.cloud .

Event image built-in property

Built-in "Event image" setting is removed from studio UI and listings.

event#getImageUrl is removed from JS library.

If something like an event image is required, it can be implemented as a custom image field in event settings.

Google Analytics built-in property

Built-in "Google Analytics" setting is removed from studio UI and listings.