Integration Guide

How to integrate Experiences into your websites and apps

Experiences are designed to live in one or more differing contexts, known as Output Modes.

  • Standalone Web Pages — campaigns where you need to direct the traffic to a standalone entertainment property or a sub-brand.

  • Web Page Embed — simpler Experiences that operate as modules within your web page.

  • Native App Embed — embedding an Experience in your native app using a WebView.

Please note that although the scenarios documented are the most frequently chosen by our customers, they do not cover all possible use cases. Please open a support request or speak to Customer Success to arrange a solution architecture review — we appreciate that each infrastructure is different and we're dedicated to helping you identify the most efficient integration strategy for you.

Which mode?

For guidance on which modes are most suitable for each Experience, check the Output Modes listed on the Experience info panel:


Are your web integrations secure?

We only use secure connections (HTTPS/WSS) to our back-end services. All our web Experiences are delivered via CDN offering state-of-the-art DDoS protection. On request, we can provide a full specification of used FOSS packages, cookies and cookie-like devices.

We have also been ISO27001 certified.

I don't like iframes and WebViews, they always look clunky. Are yours different?

As with any technology, web containers, such as iframes and WebViews, may look and feel clunky if not executed well. Over the years Monterosa engineers have learned how to work around many of their inherent weaknesses and we are happy to share our know-how with you, e.g. this page will show you how to change the height of the iframe in relation to its content to prevent double-scrolling and how to implement an infinite scroll — these features are supported by all the Experiences we offer.

We're taking it to the next level with Embed SDK — a part of the Interaction SDK that provides you with performance optimisation and UX polishing tools that will make it exceptionally easy for your developers to achieve great visual results with little to no prior experience.

In case an iframe is not an option, we offer more integrated deployment strategies, which are explained on this page.

Can you make the Experience look on-brand?

Yes. Our web and native Experiences offer a wide range of configuration options to make them look on-brand. Failing that, our development team is happy to step in and further customise your experience to blend in. If your tech supports that, we might be able to include parts of your UI (e.g. header and footer, login flows, etc) into our Experiences for the seamless UX.

Can you integrate with our Identity & Access Management system or SSO?
Can you integrate with our video streaming/loyalty/analytics/CRM/etc?

Most likely, yes. Over the years we've done hundreds of successful integrations with various off-the-shelf and homegrown services, so if yours has any kind of externally available API, we're likely to be able to integrate with it too.

For data pipelines to your CDP/CRM please see Audience Profiles

Can we access a pre-production version of the Experience for tests and training?

Yes. Depending on your integration type it may take different forms, but we will always aim to provide you with a way to review the Experience so that it doesn't affect your customers.