Create a connected set of predictions about an event to create a pre-game habit
The Multi-Picker allows a user to complete a set of predictions about an event, with a range of prediction types including Score Predictor, Pick a Number and Simple Predictor. Having a series of predictions allows you to build variety and interest into the pre game experience and generates a large number of points of interest throughout an event.
Once the predictions are done they can share your predictions with friends and check how many you got correct.
Use Multi-Picker for any sport.

Example Ideas

  • Multiple Match pickers create predictions around a match. Run it regularly as a destination for regular visitors
  • Tournament predictions - build pre-tournament predictions - for example, how many goals/yellow cards/red cards, who will be the Golden Boot winner, which team will be knocked out first.
  • Run a series of predictors as a competition in partnership with a gaming provider.

Live Demo

Click here to see a live demo.

Flow Preview


Create predictions list
Recommended maximum of between 5 and 10
Score Predictor
Predict the score at the end or even a certain time in the game
Player Picker
Choose a player who will be POTM / MVP or who will make the first score.
Pick a Number
Choose a number related to the game (how many, what time
Multi-choice predictor
Pick one of 4 possible outcomes

Value Creation

Includes the option to include a sponsor logo 126x66 px and a click through URL
Competitions and Sweepstakes
Collect and securely store competition data
Sharing predictions with a link to play


Data Type
Unique users, Predictors submitted, predictors per user, repeat users, Completion ratio
Audience Profiles
Prediction submitted
For Score Predictor, score predicted