Simple Trivia

Get interactive with your audience quickly with a quick question
The fastest way to move customers from passive to active is with a topical Trivia question and Simple Trivia enables you to do this seamlessly. It has a number of simple formats suitable for a wide range of scenarios and enables questions which are text based, image based and offers variety of layout options to suit your page.
Use Simple Trivia for any sport.

Example Ideas

  • Supporting content - add a quiz question in a similar scenario eg who scored in this game last season
  • Form based - who has the most assists coming into this game
  • On this day in history - what happened ?

Live Demo

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Flow Preview


Create question and a set of answer options unlimited but 2-4 options recommended
Layout can be a stacked format or grid with or without images, and can include an image in the question
A nominated number of associated points, can be issued to the user for correct answers.
display a sponsor image and link
A question can have an image or video to support
Question timer
choose the number of seconds to answer each question - which can be configured - recommend 5-10 seconds per question

Value Creation

Includes the option to include a sponsor logo 126x66px and a click through URL


Data Type
Unique users
Trivia completed
Audience Profiles
Trivia completed
Answers number selected


What types of points scoring options can I use in Simple Trivia
Standard points scoring, where a user gets the stated points for each correct answer or Decreasing points scoring, where the user gets a decreasing amount of points for a correct answer per second that counts down on the clock
What types of sound effects and celebrations are available
You can specify a sound to play on correct answers or a celebration animation such as a confetti.