Experience Styling

Style Experiences with our Figma resources

Experiences are web apps, such as Score Predictors, Polls, Quizzes, Event Centres and much more. Each of them can be styled using a range of dynamic configuration options found within Experience Setup.

Designers who wish to style Experiences without creating the need for custom code, can use our Figma resource, downloadable below. This has been created to help design accurately for existing features and user flow.

The UI Kit provides instructions, helping you understand how to change template colours, typography, images, button styles and more of each Experience.

You will find Experiences split out into separate Pages for easy navigation and styling. Once styled within Figma, this will give you a clear view of the final product before generating assets and configuring the Experience in Monterosa / Studio.

Getting Started

To use this UI Kit, you will need access to Figma and an intermediate skill level.


  1. Familiarise yourself with Monterosa Experiences and the specific one you will style. The UI Kit has instructions for you to design each one using your own branding or creative application.

  2. Complete your designs, tweak and finalise.

  3. Export your assets and use your UI Kit as a reference point for setting up your Experiences through Experience Setup.

⬇ Download the UI Kit