Released in October 2023

This release contains a number of improvements spred across the following themes:

  • Usability

  • Security

  • Control API and feeds

Usability Improvements

  • New Projects list layout with Project favouriting, archiving and marking as Production or Staging

  • Sorting Projects

  • Create new Project from scratch via Project Dashboard

  • New Apps section per Brand with links to App Spec management in Admin panel

  • Stats pop up on Element hover for interactive elements in the Elements list:

  • Links in fields description across App Setup, Event Settings and Element form.

  • Developer section in Project nav

  • Esc shortcut to close modals

  • Events list - β€˜live’ Events are always displayed on top; new layout of icons and labels (start, end time, duration)

Security Improvements

  • Enforcing 2FA per Organisation

  • SAML integration for logging into Studio via SSO

  • Added CAPTCHA to Sign in page. reCaptcha banner is displayed on Sign In page (bottom right corner), users are not asked to complete Captcha every time they log in.

Control API and feeds