Pick a Number

Guess a number related to the big event and get a chance to win
Sport is full of Numbers. Minutes played, number of field goals, number of times the ball goes into touch. Pick a Number is designed to get your fans guessing the numbers related to your sport. What time will the first score be at? How many times will the ball go into touch, how many boundaries this session?
Some numbers require real skill to predict, but with Pick a Number you embrace the idea that its part prediction and part guesswork. It's the perfect light touch predictor and this creates a low barrier to entry. What this results in is one of Monterosa's highest converting experiences with customers having reached a 70% engage to complete ratio.
Use Pick a Number for any sport or entertainment show.

Example Ideas

  • What minute will the first [Goal, Home Run, Try, Wicket, Touchdown] happen in?
  • How many [Boundaries, Home runs, Throw-ins, 3 Pointers, Field Goals] will there be in the next [session, half, quarter, innings]?
  • What will the winning margin be in metres?

Live Demo

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Flow Preview


Number picker
Drag or tap slider to pick a number
Set minimum and maximum scale, set default number
Set the increments on the scale (0.1, 0.5, 1, 10 etc) and the unit label (min, cm, lengths)
Check back to see if your prediction was correct

Value Creation

Includes the option to include a sponsor logo 126x66 px and a click through URL
Competitions and Sweepstakes
Collect and securely store competition data


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