Customising your App Spec

App Specs are the configuration files that determine an app's behaviour within the platform.

We assume you are familiar with the platform and are exploring how to build your own apps.

An App Spec is the collection of files that configures your Application. For example, you can set up which Elements you wish to enable, and make decisions such as which custom fields will appear.

As an early access user of the SDK you will be provided with a starter Project that is associated with an App, App Spec and demo content. You may wish to extend or edit the App Spec and this section outlines how.

How to fork an App Spec

By default, the Project that you received when you got first access to Studio is configured with an App Spec. Your organisation's admin can locate and download its current content. To do so, the admin will need to:

  • Log in to Studio

  • Navigate to the Admin panel on the top right corner of Studio, where the name of the logged in user is

  • Select your Organisation

  • Select the brand of your Project

  • Select the App you want to edit

  • Click on the links under Specs, and download the JSON file under it

Once you have a copy of the App Spec your App currently uses, you can self-host a new version of it on any URL, and start pushing new versions of the App Spec to your Brand.

Make sure to update your Project to use the latest App Spec URL you published.

How to create custom fields

Among the most powerful features of App Specs is the ability to setup custom fields to your Projects, Events and Elements.

This allows you to enrich the configuration and live metadata of your model, for example to add a configurable image field.

Custom fields can be added to the following:

Example uses:

  • Dynamic configuration of styling such as app background colour, font, or sizing

  • Event-level content such as the type of game (pre-season, friendly, tournament, league)

  • Element-level content such as the player who scored a goal

You can find documentation here on how to customise these files in more detail.

How to create your own Elements

There are many pre-configured Elements, but you may wish to make your own. You can find documentation on how to do this here.

How to simplify the App Spec

When your App Spec grows too much, you may be able to identify parts of it that are no longer relevant for your App.

Keeping a safe copy of the file, you can remove the irrelevant fields and Elements by removing them from their containing arrays. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the App Spec documentation to ensure you understand the ramifications of your changes.