Quick Fire Quiz

Answer a series of questions and receive a sharable score
Everyone loves a quiz!
Quick Fire Quiz lets you drop in beautifully-designed quizzes that engage your audience for longer, allowing them to challenge themselves and others with a sharable result at the end.
  • Easily set up, manage and measure
  • Drop in images and videos for each question
  • Use alongside other Experiences to drive engagement and data capture
Use Quick Fire Quiz for any sport or any entertainment show.

Example Ideas

Quizzes can be created for almost any subject matter - just make sure you identify your audience and challenge them with something relevant and challenging. Don't make it too hard though, or fewer people will participate.
  • How well do you know [Player, Character, Team]?
  • Can you remember [Event, Year]?
  • The big [Topic] test

Live Demo

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Flow Preview


Number of questions
No hard limit but recommend 6-12 questions
Number of options
No hard limit but recommend 4 options
Image questions
Supports optional 16:9 image
Video questions
Optional 16:9 video upload
Question timer
Each question can have its own countdown timer, recommend 5-10 seconds
Points per question
Each question can have a number of points associated with correct answers
Score results
Show the user's total number of correct answers with an associated message for that score e.g. "Nailed it!"

Value Creation

Includes the option to include a sponsor logo 126x66 px and a click through URL


Data Type
Unique users
Questions answered
Quizzes completed
Audience Profiles
Quiz completed
Answer selected