The final class which contains settings of ignoring history, audio sync delays….

Get project id

Returns LViS project id.

uuid: String

Check localisation support

Returns flag that localisation is supported.

isLocalisationSupported: Bool

Get locales

Returns list of supported locales.

locales: [Locale]

Get default language

Returns code of default language.

getDefaultLanguage() -> String?

Set current language

Sets current language.

func setCurrentLanguage(languageCode: String)

Get current language

Returns code of current language.

func getCurrentLanguage() -> String?

Locale's methods

Returns current locale, based on current language, or default code

var currentLocale: Locale?

To get names of languages please use

var localesLanguage: [String]

To access list of locales without current one, use the following property:

var localesWithoutCurrent: [Locale]