Build your own app

How to build your own app using the Interaction SDK
If you want to move quickly and integrate our pre-existing Experiences into your existing app or site, we recommend starting with Embed Experiences using the SDK.
If you want to take more control of your Experience, for example by building your own native UI for a poll within your app, or building a web app from scratch, then the SDK with its various libraries and APIs offers you this.
By using it, you will be leveraging the scalability, speed and content management capabilities of the Monterosa / Interaction Cloud alongside its place in the fan engagement ecosystem.
  • Interaction SDK v2 is currently in early access with selected partners. It includes the ability to Embed Experiences into your applications, and to Build custom Experiences.
  • Interaction SDK v1 is available and in production now. All documents under Developer Guides are currently related to v1 and will be replaced with v2 when that version moves into production.