Add Demographics Counter

<void> addDemographicsCounter(<String> segmentName, <String> segmentValue, <Integer> counter[, <String|null> round] [, <Integer|null> min] [, <Integer|null> max]);


  • segmentName and segmentValue allow characters: [a-zA-Z0-9.:-] (brackets not allowed) and both are case sensitive.

  • counter is a positive Integer.

  • min and max parameters allows to use semi-automatic counter value validation in this way:

    • these values can be set by the app on each demographics data submit

    • backend will refuse to save demographics counter value which is not within min and max

    • results on UI are also grouped by unique min-max pairs, so the creator can see if someone hacked an app and posted data like: counter: 999999, min: 1, max: 999999, while other records looks like: counter: 15, min: 1, max: 100 counter: 98, min: 1, max: 100 counter: 56, min: 1, max: 100


eventInstance.addDemographicsCounter('gender', 'Male', 22, null, null, 999);
eventInstance.addDemographicsCounter('from', 'London', 3, 'round1', 0, 10);