Studio Guide
How to use Studio
Studio is the event-driven control centre for your apps and live content. Within this guide you will be walked through each of the main areas of the platform. This assumes you are familiar with the platform's Core Concepts.
  • App Setup : Dynamic, form-driven app configuration system to setup and configure your apps to ensure flexibility
  • Schedule & Events : Schedule of live events upcoming and past
  • Timeline : The time-control interface and content control system allowing both live-triggered, timecoded and fully automated
  • Elements : The interactive content building blocks of any App, for example a Trivia question or a Prediction
  • Project Settings : Settings that apply to the entire project
  • Event Settings : Settings that apply just to a specific event
  • Event Templates : Templated event timelines that can be cloned and edited to save time
  • Analytics : Reporting on performance of individual events, projects and apps
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