Set cache dir

Set path to your internal or external storage.
void setCacheDirPath(String cacheDirPath);

Set host and project uuid

void setProject(String host, String projectUuid);

Load App Setup

void loadSettings(ResultCallback callback);


Init LViS and pass observer to listen to LViS events.
void open(LViSObserver lViSObserver);

Get all events

Returns all LViS events.
List<Event> getAllEvents();

Get server time

Returns server time in milliseconds.
long getServerTime();

Set delay

Set delay for sync purposes - this delay in milliseconds is measured by a third-party ACR library.
void setDelay(int delayMillis);

Subscribe to event

Subscribe to LViS event.
void subscribe(Event event, ResultCallback callback);

Unsubscribe from event

void unsubscribe(Event event);


Release LViS resources.
void close();