An introduction to Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™
Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ is designed to enable innovation and creativity, powering the most demanding audience interactivity apps in entertainment and sports.
Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ is the new name for LViS. You will continue to find technical references, API calls and other mention of LViS in documentation for the medium term future.
The platform is made for digital product teams and content producers who want to create, monitor and control highly scalable audience interaction apps, webapps or chatbots for multi-screen, real-time, mission-critical environments that come with service levels, support and proven scalability.
The Interaction Cloud is the technology behind all of Monterosa's products and solutions, such as Fan Companion and FanKit It is also used by selected partners who develop their own applications and solutions for the broadcast, video and sports markets.
Visit our Fan Companion Page here
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Last modified 10mo ago
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