Standard Prediction


The Standard Prediction Element appears within Latest Feed or Discover, once tapped it opens the Standard Prediction in a dedicated view.

This Element includes: question/title, 2 or more answer options (which can be images), one correct answer and optional countdown timer.

A standalone “Reveal” element is displayed when the prediction answer is revealed by a Producer.

This Element supports an Advertisement: Banner





Main Media

  • Image 16:9 | 750 x 422px | Max 500kb | PNG / JPG

  • Image 4:3 | 640 x 480px | Max 500kb | PNG / JPG

  • Image 1:1 | 700 x 700px | Max 500kb | PNG / JPG

Answer Media

Image 16:9 | 340 x 190px | Max 130kb | PNG / JPG

Image Guidance: Exact pixel dimensions are for maximum guidance only (00 x 00px), media must be the correct ratio size to avoid being cut or distorted (0:0). For example, 16:9 is equivalent to 32 x 18px and 64 x 36px. Media must be under the recommended file weights to avoid lengthy download times (Max 000kb).

Setup Guide


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