In-App Review Pop-up

An alert triggered by successful interactions to encourage users to rate your app

The in-app review pop-up may be displayed after one of the following criteria is met:

  • A user completes Voting

  • A user opens the Share button inside an element, successfully shares content via this button, and returns to the app

  • A user scores 60% or more on a Multi-Question Quiz

  • A user interacts with two or more interactive elements in the same session, where 'interacts with' is defined as entering the element and completing engagement (e.g. tapping on a poll answer; ranking and submitting all choices on a ranking poll)

The decision to display the pop-up is controlled at device level, meaning that it may be displayed at any point after the criteria has been met.

The pop-up will be displayed to a user once per app version, regardless of how many times they meet the criteria or whether they choose to provide a rating.

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