What's New?
Fan Companion change log

v6.2 / January 2022

  • New Promotional Screen Type which can be used in the bottom navigation as an image for ads and clicking out to adhere to new iOS rules
  • We've updated how MPUs resize in the Latest Feed

v6.1 / December 2021

  • Videos with a Guidance Warning will now always display that warning, no matter which screen your users access the video from
  • We've updated the Participants designs to make your squad look even slicker

v6.0 / October 2021

  • The way you build your Navigation has changed with the ability to add tabs to any screen, giving you more flexibility when it comes to showcasing your content
  • We've added a dedicated Participants section to highlight profiles of key figures, be they squad members, contestants, athletes, or something else entirely
  • External links now come with an optional Interstitial Pop-up, so your users can choose whether they want to be taken out of the app
  • If you're using our Age Gate feature, this can now be configured to switch off analytics in the rest of the app for users who don't meet minimum age requirements

v5.5 / July 2021

  • We've updated our Selfie Filter functionality with an all-new filter carousel and improvements to the way your users take and save their selfies
  • We're gearing up for the launch of iOS 15 and Android 12, with updates to ensure your apps run smoothly across all the latest devices

v5.2 / June 2021

  • With the App Review Service, you can now check your Store reviews and ratings without leaving M/IC
  • Added support for Apple's IDFA App Transparency Popup
  • More customisable options for your Latest Feed cards, with gradient overlays and Featured tiles
  • Podcasts now offer sponsor banner placements on the Latest Feed

v5.1 / March 2021

  • Important - we have removed support for VAST 2.0
  • VMAP ads can now be served in-app when using the Brightcove player
  • Changed your cookie policy? You can now reshow the Cookie Policy Popup to users whenever you need to
  • Reactions now offer haptic feedback on iOS
  • Further improvements to the Latest Feed UI

v5.0 / March 2021

  • The Latest Feed has undergone a design overhaul, with a flexible, card-based approach to make your content feel fresh and modern

v4.8 / March 2021

v4.7 / Feb 2021

  • We've brought in Anonymous Vote Registration, authenticating users without the need for them to sign up
  • Users are now shown an In-App Review Pop-up after completing key interactions, encouraging them to leave some glowing (and honest!) feedback on Stores

v4.6 / January 2021

  • Improved the functionality around in-app testing
  • Brought back some native iOS gestures to make navigation a breeze

v4.5 / December 2020

  • We've added Monterosa ID, making it easier, simpler and smoother to integrate your SSO provider of choice

v4.4 / October 2020

  • Important - the minimum version of Android is now 5
  • We've updated our OS Support list to include iOS 14 and Android 11
  • Click to Buy now includes two new features, Favourites and Categories, so users can save the items they like and come back to them later
  • Even more Sharing options! Quizzes, polls, and even votes now contain a customisable button that encourages users to share them to social media, with all share text controllable in M/IC

v4.3 / August 2020

  • Important - the iOS minimum version is now iOS 11.4.1
  • Added the Podcast Element, to turn your app users into listeners
  • Player Layer is here - reach out to us to learn more about getting your hands on this new feature
  • Support for Shopify Integration to help you create and customise your in-app storefront

v4.1 / July 2020

v4.0 / March 2020

  • Migrated to Studio v23 to support bigger and better projects 🎉
  • Added Analytics support for more providers - tap the link for the most up-to-date list
  • Updated Tablet Selfies to support portrait mode snaps
  • Added support for the Brightcove SDK for video playback
  • Made Selfies shareable straight to your Instagram story
  • Improved the Splash Screen loading to prevent caching of older versions

v3.19 / November 2019

  • New Instagram functionality
    • 5:4 images are now supported, as well as the original 16:9 and 1:1
    • Add up to 4 lines of caption text
    • Galleries support added, for when you just can't pick your favourite shot
  • A brand new Element with two configurations - say hello to the Attribute Rater
  • New and improved Video Guidance Warnings, with overlay text requiring users to read and accept before watching
  • Improvements to Video Analytics