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Fan Companion changelog

v6.0 / October 2021

    The way you build your Navigation has changed with the ability to add tabs to any screen, giving you more flexibility when it comes to showcasing your content
    We've added a dedicated Participants section to highlight profiles of key figures, be they squad members, contestants, athletes, or something else entirely
    External links now come with an optional Interstitial Pop-up, so your users can choose whether they want to be taken out of the app
    If you're using our Age Gate feature, this can now be configured to switch off analytics in the rest of the app for users who don't meet minimum age requirements

v5.5 / July 2021

    We've updated our Selfie Filter functionality with an all-new filter carousel and improvements to the way your users take and save their selfies
    We're gearing up for the launch of iOS 15 and Android 12, with updates to ensure your apps run smoothly across all the latest devices

v5.2 / June 2021

    With the App Review Service, you can now check your Store reviews and ratings without leaving M/IC
    Added support for Apple's IDFA App Transparency Popup
    More customisable options for your Latest Feed cards, with gradient overlays and Featured tiles
    Podcasts now offer sponsor banner placements on the Latest Feed

v5.1 / March 2021

    Important - we have removed support for VAST 2.0
    VMAP ads can now be served in-app when using the Brightcove player
    Changed your cookie policy? You can now reshow the Cookie Policy Popup to users whenever you need to
    Reactions now offer haptic feedback on iOS
    Further improvements to the Latest Feed UI

v5.0 / March 2021

    The Latest Feed has undergone a design overhaul, with a flexible, card-based approach to make your content feel fresh and modern

v4.8 / March 2021

v4.7 / Feb 2021

    We've brought in Anonymous Vote Registration, authenticating users without the need for them to sign up
    Users are now shown an In-App Review Pop-up after completing key interactions, encouraging them to leave some glowing (and honest!) feedback on Stores

v4.6 / January 2021

    Improved the functionality around in-app testing
    Brought back some native iOS gestures to make navigation a breeze

v4.5 / December 2020

    We've added Monterosa ID, making it easier, simpler and smoother to integrate your SSO provider of choice

v4.4 / October 2020

    Important - the minimum version of Android is now 5
    We've updated our OS Support list to include iOS 14 and Android 11
    Click to Buy now includes two new features, Favourites and Categories, so users can save the items they like and come back to them later
    Even more Sharing options! Quizzes, polls, and even votes now contain a customisable button that encourages users to share them to social media, with all share text controllable in M/IC

v4.3 / August 2020

    Important - the iOS minimum version is now iOS 11.4.1
    Added the Podcast Element, to turn your app users into listeners
    Player Layer is here - reach out to us to learn more about getting your hands on this new feature
    Support for Shopify Integration to help you create and customise your in-app storefront

v4.1 / July 2020

v4.0 / March 2020

    Migrated to Studio v23 to support bigger and better projects 🎉
    Added Analytics support for more providers - tap the link for the most up-to-date list
    Updated Tablet Selfies to support portrait mode snaps
    Added support for the Brightcove SDK for video playback
    Made Selfies shareable straight to your Instagram story
    Improved the Splash Screen loading to prevent caching of older versions

v3.19 / November 2019

    New Instagram functionality
      5:4 images are now supported, as well as the original 16:9 and 1:1
      Add up to 4 lines of caption text
      Galleries support added, for when you just can't pick your favourite shot
    A brand new Element with two configurations - say hello to the Attribute Rater
    New and improved Video Guidance Warnings, with overlay text requiring users to read and accept before watching
    Improvements to Video Analytics
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