User authentication

Identity management/single-sign-on systems

Fan Companion does not normally require users to sign in to use the app, however a greater level of security may be required around voting functionality. Where this is the case, an identity management service can be integrated, and users prompted to authenticate before voting.

A range of authentication options is available, depending on the security and compliance requirements of the app.



SMS-based authentication: a one-time passcode is sent to the user's mobile phone number which is validated within the app. The number of devices allowed per user is configurable.

Users are prompted to answer "Are you a human?" challenges in order to prevent bot voting. This option does not guarantee uniqueness of users, or allow a limit on the number of devices per user.

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ provides a simple SSO solution, to enable faster integrations with third parties

other SSO services

Please contact your relationship manager for details of authentication integration with other services.

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