Supported Devices & OSs
The devices and operating systems supported by Fan Companion
Fan Companion works best on modern, up to date devices and operating systems. Fan Companion is mobile-first, but also has a tablet view for the small number of users who do use a tablet for their companion apps.
The product is tested and supported on iOS 12 and as far back as Android 6 as detailed here.
Apple (iOS and iPadOS)
Our app is available on Android devices running Android version 5.0 (Android Marshmallow) and later.
Given the high volume of Android devices in the market, we have tested and optimised the app for the most popular devices, according to our usage statistics. As we continue to improve the app, we will aim to support more devices. Please note the Kindles are not supported.
Any additional features, SDK integrations or libraries included in the build may have a differing set of supported devices which can change the profile of the end product. Please consult with your team to finalise this.
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