An introduction to the Monterosa Fan Companion native app framework

We believe audiences deserve to be at the heart of the action. Making decisions, participating and getting the fantastic experience they deserve, in real-time.

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Some entertainment and sports are bigger than others. They inspire such devotion that they take audience interaction to a whole new level.

Demand for constant news and updates, the desire to participate in conversations, express opinions and even affect outcomes are as essential as what happens on the TV screen, stage or pitch. And this phenomenon has created a huge opportunity for these brands to extend their impact both during and beyond the timeslot or event. To deepen their relationship with audiences and create additional revenue streams with sponsors and as-yet untapped Direct-to-Consumer transactions!!

Fan Companion by Monterosa is designed to address exactly this - by putting your brand on every fan's most personal device, their mobile phone, carried with them everywhere they go. Used by the some of world's biggest entertainment brands including The X Factor, Got Talent, Nickelodeon Screens Up, Team GB and the global reality TV hit Love Island.

It is a turnkey app framework that allows you to quickly and economically deploy a rich, engaging fan experience on iOS and Android devices, including real time content feeds, polls, quizzes, games, sweepstakes, secure voting, social media updates, push notifications, sponsorship & advertising, Watch & Shop, ticketing and login/data capture.

Using an app framework like Fan Companion allows you to benefit instantly from the experience and insight that Monterosa's award-winning team bring to your audience. You also avoid re-inventing the wheel, as building from scratch is typically slow, expensive and difficult to manage.

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