Why Fan Companion?

Fan Companion is used by some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports including ITV, CBS, Viacom, British Olympic Association and The Jockey Club.

With millions of active users every year, our app solutions created with Fan Companion have achieved over twenty #1 positions on the App Store and Google Play.

When analysed next to alternatives including build-your-own or "hire an agency", Fan Companion offers deep benefits in both the short and long-term:

Speed - rapidly deploy a best-in-class fan application avoiding long development cycles

Value - benefit from an immense range of content, interactivity and monetisation features out of the box

Cost - avoid the high costs of bespoke development, ongoing maintenance and benefit from a scaleable platform

Ease & Reliability - user friendly platform with 24/7 support

Innovation - benefit from years of international experience at the forefront of audience interaction as well as a constant stream of new features

Scaleability - sleep better in the knowledge you are working with a proven platform tested at enormous scale

Global power - know that Fan Companion and the platform is in constant global usage in many languages

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