Business Model

The business model of a Fan Companion solution

We provide app solutions based on a combination of technology and services. Fan Companion is the front end app product and Monterosa / Interaction Cloud™ is the backend hosted cloud platform. Both components are provided on a subscription, Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. Professional Services are provided additionally to consult, design, implement and support each solution.

Drivers of the platform and product subscription fee tier include:

  • Territory / geographic usage

  • Use case scope

  • User capacity needs

  • Service level requirements

  • Duration of commitment

Drivers of Implementation costs include:

  • Design requirements

  • Integration requirements

  • Support level required

  • Custom or special features

  • Deployment speed needed

Watch & Shop is setup as a business partnership by the dedicated Monterosa eCommerce team.

Core features of Fan Companion are maintained within the subscription for as long as they are officially supported. Any custom features, extensions or integrations specific to an implementation may have their own maintenance and support fee.

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