Promo Tiles

This page helps you understand what a Promo Tile is, how it can be set up, and how it can be used.


Promo Tiles appear within Latest Feed with Advertiser or App content (image) and can link to other parts of the app, in way of the bottom navigation.

The Promo Tile includes a header image, title, and URI, which corresponds to the Bottom Navigation URIs.

Additionally, Promo Tiles support 16:9 and 1:1 Ratio's. Inside the element, to create a 1:1 Promo Tile, the 'Hero' button must be selected. Images of this are below.

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Promo Tiles

Image 16:9 | 750 x 422px | Max 500kb | PNG / JPG

Promo Tiles

Hero Image 1:1 | 600 x 600px | Max 500kb | PNG / JPG

Image Guidance: Exact pixel dimensions are for maximum guidance only (00 x 00px), media must be the correct ratio size to avoid being cut or distorted (0:0). For example, 16:9 is equivalent to 32 x 18px and 64 x 36px. Media must be under the recommended file weights to avoid lengthy download times (Max 500kb).

Setup Guide


Are GIFs or video files supported?

Not currently.

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