Collection Rails


Group your content into themed Collection Rails that appear below the Promo Tiles on Discover. Tag any Media, Editorial or Interactive Element already published in the Latest Feed to appear within a Collection Rail.

Order content within Collection rails by these settings:

  • Publish date (latest first)

  • Publish date reversed (latest last)

  • Custom (indicated by numbers, 1 being first)

  • Title (Alphabetical)

Tag as many Elements as needed for each Collection. Create, re-name and re-Order as many Collection Rails as needed.

Set a maximum number of Elements in a Collection Rail before See All is triggered. A See All link displays all content including those over the maximum threshold on a separate Collection list screen.

Top Tip: We recommend using the See All feature for a maximum of 8 Elements.


Setup Guide


Can I add Social content into a Collection Rail? Social content is currently not supported in Collection Rails

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